Inner Light


Text: Stan Becton
Photography: Christina Jin


“Making other people feel good makes me feel good,” exclaims Ravyn Clark.

Ravyn Clark is in her 3rd year modeling with SPIRIT Fashion Show.  A University of Pittsburgh student and Pittsburgh resident, Clark has participated in variety of fashion shows in the city of Pittsburgh, both at the collegiate and professional level including Pittsburgh Fashion Week.  An experienced model, SPIRIT Fashion show has stood out to her amongst the many fashion shows she’s modeled in.

“SPIRIT is the dopest show I do every year. There are always different designers with nice clothes, but this is the only show that involves different choreography and unique stage designs” said Clark.  “I'm always surprised and challenged by SPIRIT to learn something new.”

 Modeling in fashion shows like SPIRIT brings Ravyn to a place of empowerment and peace after the many weeks of practice and preparation.  She self describes herself as “friendly, goofy and witty” but when she gets in her element on stage, Clark is “extremely confident and proud.”

Clark has been able to use her personality traits that she has both on and off stage to positively impact others.  She’s always open to helping others, even if she doesn’t know the person personally.

“I [enjoy] being nice to people I don't really know. [It] has a more positive impact because they know it's a genuine attempt to make them happy because I don't have a motive. The best compliments come from strangers and usually they can make your whole day better,” said Clark.


Helping others is something that comes natural to Clark.  Yet, she still has to navigate her own world. When Clark is faced with the pressures of the world, she finds value in maintaining her inner light saying,

“Lots of stress is caused by the outside world, things I can't control. So I try to focus on the things I can control. Eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, and treating myself well in general helps me weather all my storms. It's not always easy but I've learned to remember that the harder the struggle, the more impressive the comeback story.”

Ravyn’s inner light is one the shines on all, thanks to her being able to balance her personal focus with her work for the benefit of others.  It will be brightly displayed for all to see on stage April 6 in SPIRIT Fashion Show


“I'd love to think with one simple action I could make the world a better place”