Text: Stan Becton
Photography: Christina Jin


Being apart of SPIRIT Fashion Show has been everything and more that Tiara Wicks thought it would be when she first saw the show as a prospective student during Carnegie Mellon’s Celebration of Diversity weekend in 2017. Nearly two years later, Wicks is very busy when it comes to SPIRIT Fashion Show. Wicks is not only a model in the show, but she is also the Logistics Director. This means she oversees models, designers, performer and the like. One way that she has been able to handle all of her responsibilities has been through introspection.  Wicks defines introspection as

“an opportunity to stop, reflect, and evaluate whether I’m being the best me that I could be... when I take the time to introspectively analyze myself I look for ways to do things better, smarter, and in sure that I am in line with my moral compass”.

Using introspection has been “essential” to Wicks during her time at CMU.  A student as well, Wicks has found introspection to work to her benefit in such a competitive environment. However, Wicks does recognize that introspection can have its downsides.

“Too much introspection can lead to over analyzing oneself which can lead to self doubt and stagnation,” said Wicks. “Doing all things in moderation has to be the aim. Introspection is important for self growth and development, but it must be tempered with realistic expectations and the ability to recalibrate where necessary.”


Understanding this, Wicks believes that with introspection, this year’s show can be a success.

“If everyone focuses on introspection, it can help people by seeing how far they come and the work they’ve put into the show.  It’s a good way for people to see their progress,” said Wicks


The work that Wicks and everyone else has put into the 32nd annual SPIRIT Fashion Show: Apollo will be displayed Saturday April 6 in Wiegand Gymnasium.  Get your tickets at